Veterinary Medicines

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Veterinary Medicine: It's More Than You Think

Veterinary medicine is more than taking care of dogs and cats - it's more than you think.

Veterinary Education: Emergency Splenectomy

We often get presented with dogs especially large breed ones (e. g. German Shepherds, Labradors, Golden Retrievers) with sudden onset of lethargy and.

Ethno Veterinary Medicine Mastitis Therapy

TEDxWestlake - Molly Dominguez - "Veterinary Medicine: Human, animal and environmental health"

TEDxWestlake - July 12, 2012 Our first TEDxWestlake explored the accelerating change in the world around us. This change is largely driven by the power of the.

Veterinary medicines: mixing vaccines

uk We use video, animations, images, text and self-assessment to produce the most effective online training material available for students of .


  • Veterinary Medicine

    Gower Publishing, Ltd.. 2017. ISBN: 0754640531,9780754640530. 611 pages.

    Veterinary Medicine: A Guide to Historical Sources opens with a brief history of veterinary medicine and the veterinary profession from c.1300 to the present day, identifying key dates and events that shaped their development. Examining the nature and uses of the records covered by the book and outlining the types of records found, it then discusses the kind of information they contain and their likely uses by different researchers. The main body of the book is the lists of records. Here the...

  • Veterinary Herbal Medicine

    Elsevier Health Sciences. 2017. ISBN: 9780323029988,0323029981. 714 pages.

    This full-color text and practical clinical reference provides comprehensive information on herbal remedies for both large and small animal species. Key coverage includes clinical uses of medicinal plants, specific information on how to formulate herbal remedies, a systems-based review of plant-based medicine, and in-depth information on the different animal species--dog, cat, avian and exotic, equine, food animal, and poultry.

  • Manual of Natural Veterinary Medicine

    Mosby Incorporated. 2017. ISBN: 0323013546,9780323013543. 740 pages.

    This handy reference provides users with an understanding of complementary and alternative treatment options for more than 130 common disease states. Concentrating on nutrition, herbs, traditional Chinese medicines, and physical therapies, the authors present both tradition- and evidence-based therapies for disorders not always responsive to conventional therapies.

  • Veterinary Medicines

    1899. 776 pages.
  • Veterinary Medicines in the Environment

    CRC Press. 2016. ISBN: 1420084771,9781420084771. 224 pages.

    Examine the Current State of the Science Surface water sampling programs across the globe have shown the presence of many different classes of medicines. The potential risks associated with the release of these medicines into the environment have become an increasingly important issue for environmental regulators. Effects of Veterinary Medicines in the Environment examines the current state of the science in evaluating the potential risks of veterinary medicines to aquatic and terrestrial...

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Candida albicans (1000X magnification)
Classified as Yeast: pure culture of Candida albicans inoculated at differential medium (incubated at 42°C at minimal O2) to initiate the formation of pseudo hyphae within 24-48 hours. The culture was isolated from...
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training veterinary armymedicine
Veterinary Support
U.S. Army Capt. Jennifer Scruggs, veterinarian with Balikatan 11 team, gives a puppy de-wormer during a veterinary civic action project (VETCAP) in San Antonio as part of Balikatan 2011, March 28-29. BK11 is a...
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At the Vet's 4 - Explored September 17, 2014
Dr. Haley of Georgetown Veterinary Hospital examines Flash.
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Veterinary Medicines in The Netherlands (Holland, Europe)

Veterinary medicines fight diseases and cure various bacteriological infections. Veterinary medicines are produced in accordance with GMP guidelines and consist of ...

European Medicines Agency - Veterinary regulatory ...

European Union agency responsible for the protection of public and animal health through the scientific evaluation and supervision of medicines.

Veterinary Medicines Directorate - GOV.UK

DEFRA executive agency responsible for issues concerning the use and manufacture of veterinary medicines in the UK. Includes news, information and publications.

Veterinary Medicines - Manor Pharmacy

Manor Pharmacy have a range of veterinary products for your dog, cat, horse, cattle, birds or other small animal. We provide a full range of prescription, non ...

Heads of Medicines Agencies: Veterinary Medicines

This area of the website provides information relating to the regulation of veterinary medicines, including access to product information and the directory of ...