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Nutrition - Senior Dogs

Paul O'Grady talks with Pets at Home Nutrition Consultant, Maddy on some of the aspects to consider when selecting a food for a senior dog.

Tips For Feeding A Dog Elderly

Well, I'm going to give advice to feed an old dog.

Alice making dog food for our old dogs


Life's Abundance Dog Food and Senior Dogs

Donna goes over the benefits of Life's Abundance Dog Food and Senior Dogs.

Healthy Longevity: Senior Dog Food for Older Dogs - Pedigree

Our Healthy Longevity senior dog food recipe is specially formulated to provide adult dogs with the nutrients they need to.

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Get Ready, Get Set, Go!
What's that? Do I hear a food bag rattling? Go, Smokey, go!
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Is Purina's Beneful Dog Food Killing Dogs? - The Dogington ...

In truth, the number one ingredient in all of Beneful’s recipes is corn, a commonly-used filler that provides very little nutrition to dogs.

What Is The Best Dog Food for Senior Dogs?

Senior dogs have special nutrition requirements. Find the top-rated dog foods for senior dogs with the research to back it up.

Dog Food Reviews, Ratings and Analysis 2017

Dog food reviews and ratings to help you find the best for your pet. Featuring 2017 in-depth reviews, analysis of dog food ingredient lists, consumer reviews, dog ...

What Dog Food Helps Dogs Gain Weight?

Whether your dog is extremely active or has eating issues, we cover the top foods to help your dog put on some pounds.

Dry Dog Food and the Myth of Cleaner Teeth

Can eating kibble really produce cleaner teeth and prevent canine dental disease? Learn the surprising truth about dry dog food.