Dog Ear Cleaning Solution

Ear Cleaner Advanced Formula Natural Drop Cleaning Solution For Dogs and Cats

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    Dogs and Cats
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    XXS -XS -S -M -L -XL -XXL
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    United States
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    Infection -Inflammation -Irritation -Mites Itching
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    ZPAW Vet Line
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    Puppy / Adult / Senior
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Ear Inflections Are Very Common! Keep Your Dog's Ears Clean & Healthy.
Canine ear infections are most commonly caused by bacteria or yeast. Ear mites, excessive hair, moisture or wax, foreign bodies, allergies, and hypothyroidism can all be contributing factors in the development of an ear infection. Because the ear canal in dogs is mostly vertical (unlike a human ear canal that is horizontal), it is easy for debris and moisture to be retained in the ear canal.  Use ZPAW Vet Line Ear Cleaner for your dog’s routine hygiene. 

How Is This Going To Help My Dog?

Keeping your dog's ears clean is crucial for your dog's health and well being.  ZPAW Vet Line Ear Cleaner will help in: 

  • Routine Hygene
  • Prevent Infections
  • Remove Bad Ear Odor
  • Remove Itching
  • Treat Fungal Infections
  • Treat Bacterial Infections 
  • Treat Yeast Infections
  • Get Rid of Ear Mites

Does My Dog Have An Ear Infection?

It's important to know if your dog already has an infection. The following symptoms may indicate that your dog needs to have his ears cleaned as soon as possible.

  • Scratching of the ear or area around the ear
  • Brown discharge
  • Head shaking or head tilt
  • Odor in the ear
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Rubbing of the ear and surrounding area on the floor or furniture
  • Loss of balance
  • Unusual eye movements
  • Walking in circles


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