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Swiss NOVARTIS LOPATOL 100 Oral Wormer Tablet Tapeworm Roundworm Worms for Dogs

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Lopatol 100
Coated tables
Oral broad-spectrum anthelminthic for dogs

Active ingredient
Lopatol100 contains 100 mg nitroscanate per tablet

The active ingredient is present in a particularly finely-divided form,ensuring optimum anthelmintic action.The dosage can thereby be kept low.

Spectrum of action
The spectrum of action covers intestinal worms that infest dogs,
Ascarids: Toxocara canis,Toxascaris leonina
Hookworms: Ancylostoma caninum,Ancylostoma braziliense, Uncinaria stenocephala
Tapeworms: Dipylidium caninum,Echinococcus granulosus, Spirometra erinacei,Taenia pisiformis, Taenia hydatigena,taenia ovis
Other species: Strongyloides stercoralis

Recommended dosage
Ascarids,hookworms,strongyloids,Dlpylidium,and taeniids:
50mg/kg body weight=1 100 mg tablet per 2kg body weight
or                 1 500 mg tablet per 10kg body weight
Weight of     1-2    3-4   5-6   
Number of tablets
Loparol 100         1      2     3            

100mg/Kg body weight= 1 100 mg tablet per 1 kg body weight
or                   1 500 mg tablet per 5 kg body weight
repeated at 48 hour intervals.

Give Lopatol in the morning with a small quantity of food Give anormal meal in the evening.An adequate supply of drinking water should be available at all times.
Lopatol can also be suspended in a little water and be added to the food in this form.

Treatment schedule
Pups: should be dewormed at the age of 2,4,6,8,and 12 weeks in view of the danger of reinfection.
Adult dogs. deworming once or twice a year as prescribed by the vet.
Breeding bitches: treat after mating and shortly before and 4 weeks after whelping.
Kennels: because of the increased infestation risk it is recommended that all dogs in breeding kennels be dewormed 4 to 6 times a year.

Side effects
If the dosage recommendations are observed,side effects,such as vomiting, can be practically excluded.

Keep out of reach of children.

Lopatol 100: Box of 6 tablets of 100 mg active ingredient
           Package of 100 tablets of 100 mg active ingredient
           Package of 24 x 6(144) tablets

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