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Help 'Em Up Large Dog Harness 75-115lbs W/ U-Band Hip Lift (Slightly Used)

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    Help 'Em Up

Listing for Help 'Em Up Large Dog Harness 75-115lbs w/ U-Band Hip Lift.  Slightly used only for a short time but works great for dogs who have trouble standing due to illnesses such as neuropathy or arthritis. The main 1st picture is just a model picture and shows the conventional hip lift, not the U-Band hip lift which is what comes with this listing. Comes with the U-Band hip lift for certain types of male dogs as seen in picture 3.  The U-shaped opening in the belly band provides clearance for those male dogs who may be hindered from urinating by the conventional version. These dogs have a penis that is located further back between their hind legs or the tip of the penis is even, or slightly forward of their hind legs. The U-shaped opening helps them to urinate freely.  The armature used to create this opening is lightweight, ergonomically designed and padded so it provides easy clearance for urinating and is comfortable for male dogs when they are lying down.

Best Suited For:

Retrievers (Labs, Goldens), German Shepherds, Rotties, Irish Setters, Standard Poodles, Dalmatian, Huskies, Dobermans, Hounds, Sheep Dogs, Akitas, Airedale, Bloodhound

Our harnesses have 9 different areas of adjustment – so each harness can be articulated to your dog’s specific needs. The large harness covers a broad range of dogs within the arc of 75-115 pounds.

The Large Harness is our most popular dog harness, based on size and weight of most common dog breeds.

Select a dog harness size based on your dog’s weight first, then take measurements for accuracy. If your dog’s weight is on the cusp of our dog harness sizes, we recommend sizing down.

   Large Dog Harness

Weight Capacity – 75 to 115 pounds


Neck: 16-36″
Chest: 20-40″
Waist: 16-30″

The Help ‘Em Up Dog Harness is machine-washable with mild detergent. Set to delicate cycle and air dry for best results.

  Black and Gray with Blue accents

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