Dry Dog Food And Dogs

BARFWorld.com: The Truth About Your Dog's Food

Before you reach for that bag of dry kibble dog food or canned wet food, take a moment to watch this shocking documentary about what's REALLY in your pet's .

What Should I Feed My Dog? Canned Food? Dry Food? Fresh? | RealPetTips.com

Fresh Food.

How to make dry dog food at home

at the present Nigerian economy where prices have gone up, knowing how to make your dog food could be of interest for you and your lovely pets.

Nutrition 101: Wet or Dry Food -- Which is Better For My Dog?

Many dog owners feed their dog's only dry food because they have been told it keeps teeth clean.

DIY Dog Food | Homemade Dry Dog Food

Homemade or DIY dog food can extend the lives of our dogs because it is all natural and has no preservatives.

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Rez Dog
Navajo Rez Dogs. Able to cope with sub zero temperatures during the winter months on the high deserts of the Colorado plateau and searing 120 degree dry heat of the summer. They are resilient creatures. But due to...
Photo by Donovan Shortey on Flickr
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Alex is a timid older adult that thrives with patient, slow attention. He likes to be approached slowly, petted gently and fed treats and canned foods on the counter with his cat friends. He will tolerate combing and...
Photo by Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue on Flickr
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A Special Treat
For being good at the park I made the boys a special treat: a little butter, Parmesan and Romano cheese, cooked zucchini, cooked summer squash, cream and dry dog food.
Photo by Tobyotter on Flickr


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