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How to Naturally Remove Fleas and Ticks from your Dog!

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How to use Tick Shampoo for Dogs

Giving your dog a tick bath is fastest way to kill ticks.

Momma dog getting flea n tick bath

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How to remove fleas and ticks from your house, and your pets, with this super powerful remedy

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Dog Flea & Tick Shampoo Bath

Dog Flea & Tick Shampoo Bath.

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Casper after his bath.
By the time Kim got out there with the camera, I'd already finished Casper. He sniveled and whined in true big, bad, wolf-mix fashion.. hehe. Did Amy next and Katie, Kim's little black dog last as I used different...
Photo by TexasDarkHorse on Flickr
pets selfportrait me cat 365days
111/365 - May 30, 2009 - Savannah loves baths.. hehe.. just kidding.
Savanna the cat and Kim's dog Katie aren't on flea and tick protection so I'm bathing them both today in some shampoo that serves that purpose.. last time I bathed Katie, I used the same stuff. It seems to last about...
Photo by TexasDarkHorse on Flickr
picplz foursquare:venue=4b54acd1f964a5206ac627e3
@mightydiego got a bath tonight. I think he's a bit ticked at me right now.
Taken with picplz at Super Ginormous.
Photo by @cdharrison on Flickr


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