Dog Stress Behavior

Stress Signals: Canine Body Language, Dog Behavior

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Recognizes These 10 Signs Of Stress In The Dog

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Stress Behaviors in Dogs

This video documents stress behaviors in dogs.

Observing Dog Calming signals Stress Behaviors

Lucy subtly reacts to to Lucy being so close by while we train and reward.

Stress Signals in Dogs

How to recognize stress signals in dogs with Frania Shelley-Grielen of http://www.

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Remember Your Pets This Holiday Season
Summer Holiday Travelling Tips (Southern Hemisphere) The Christmas holidays are upon us and this often means leaving our beloved pets behind in a kennel or cattery or in the care of a pet feeder or neighbour. If...
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Meet in the forest
Talon was on his rounds for he had been absent much since his step-down from leadership. It had been a hard step to take, yet it felt right, given the tasks he had had to do. Over his right shoulder a small satchel of...
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The crew have sent a diary of their trip - day two as we arrived in ostend at about 12.30 in the morning, we were already tired an the tents that had been promised had not turned up either, so things were starting...
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