Dog Kennel Stress

Rex the dog spinning in kennel due to stress of being there for 3 years- NEEDS FOSTER OR HOME!

Rex desperately needs a foster or adoptive home.

Kennel stress behaviors that keep dogs from getting adopted

14 reasons why a dog may not get adopted is reason enough to NOT take a dog to a shelter.

How To Manage Kennel Stress

com meets Dr. Pete Wedderburn to discuss - How To Manage Kennel Stress.

Handling Separation Anxiety and Kennel Stress

I took in a new dog today that had been suffering from separation anxiety.

Stress Behaviors in Dogs

This video documents stress behaviors in dogs.

Talking dogs: Dog's aggressive, possession-guarding behavior, possibly dangerous - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Most will guard food or treats, some will guard empty food bowls or locations where food is frequently offered, a few will guard their people, and occasionally a dog will guard random objects. Source:


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The primary object of The Kennel Club is to promote the general improvement of dogs.

K9 One – Stonehill Kennel and Dog Training

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kennel cough - The Whole Dog Journal

Not sure what to do for kennel cough? Here is how to prevent or identify kennel cough symptoms, and how to treat your dog if he has kennel cough.

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