Dog Tricks Stand

How to Teach Your Dog Sit, Down, Up and Stand in MINUTES!

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Dog Tricks: Teach Your Dog To Stand Or Walk On 2 Legs

Teaching your dog to stand up and walk on his back legs is definitely a cool trick.

How to Teach your Dog to Stand on Two Legs- Dog Tricks R US

Another How to from Dog Tricks R US. This time we Show you How to Teach your Dog to Stand on two feet.

World's Smartest Dog Jesse performs Amazing Dog Tricks "Walking Hand Stand Dog"

The original "World's Smartest Dog" Jesse the Jack Russell Terrier.

How to Teach Your Dog the Freeze Trick | Dog Tricks

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Photo by Christmas w/a K on Flickr
thanksgiving family dog
Party Trick 1155
He's pretty good at the standing. Which means begging, but still, pretty impressive.
Photo by mliu92 on Flickr
july4 2009
Toks Begging
She does this cute little trick where she stands, circles and paws at the same time.
Photo by Vegan Feast Catering on Flickr


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