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Man Punches Kangaroo To Save His Dog

An Australian man hunting boars with armored dogs came across a kangaroo who had one of his dogs in a headlock.

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200-pound ripped kangaroo crushes metal

He lives in Australia at a kangaroo sanctuary.

Actress, activist Amber Heard has a dig at Australia's deputy PM, Barnaby Joyce -

Hollywood actress and activist Amber Heard wasn't able to contain herself at news Australia's deputy PM Barnaby Joyce - the man who threatened her pet dogs - had found himself in a spot of legal bother. Source:

Cattle Crossing, Nepean Towers, N.S.W.
Notes: Taken at the same time and location as the previous image but from the opposite bank. The well dressed women are still there with the wagonette. The row boat is out of sight. We now see there is a bullock...
Photo by Blue Mountains Local Studies on Flickr
horses men history dogs river women cattle hires
Cattle Crossing, Nepean Towers, N.S.W
Notes: A small herd waters at a river crossing, location now identified, see below. The cattle appear to be a mix of cows with calves, heifers and a steer or two. Some well dressed ladies watching the scene have...
Photo by Blue Mountains Local Studies on Flickr
dogs grass backyard sydney australia winnie whippets birdy annandale minidachshunds
Stand off
Photo by Lachlan Hardy on Flickr


Lost and Found Australia - Lost Cat, Dog, Ring

Lost and Found Australia is the biggest Australian website where people can report lost/found items, cats, dogs, rings, keys or wallets.


HANDY HINTS FOR THE DOG OWNER Here is a list of "handy hints" that have been sent to me over the years, (probably off the net somewhere), that may (or may ...

Free Dog Friendly Campsites - Camps Australia Wide

Save 10% on the Camps 9th edition – simply add the code ‘ directcaw9 ‘ onto the shopping cart in the ‘Coupon’ section and save Or if you like digital access ...

George Schofield OAM - Dog Legend | Irish Setters Australia

In the Australia Day Honours list on January 26 2009, George was awarded the Order of Australia Medal : George Hector Schofield, Yuroke, Victoria

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