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DIY Plant Stand

I've been DIY'ing to make a modern plant stand for our bedroom but didn't want to shovel out too much cash for copper.

Arch Bridge Plant Stand Hand-made of Redwood.

This woodworking project shows how I recently made plant stands.

Brittany puppy vs plant stand

Simple Plant Stand DIY

2 boards 2. 5 inches wide, one 97 inches long and the other 47 inches long.

DIY Concrete Plant Stand

and figured I needed a plant stand.

The dogs of Chernobyl - ABC News

Pavel "Pasho" Burkatsky, a professional dog catcher from Kiev, takes aim with a blow gun to shoot a tranquilizer dart at a stray dog in the exclusion zone around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, Aug. Source:

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The shiny star leaf being stranded fringed weirdly in a moongate gravitating sun-side down earth↓wards exhibiting her flashed, chthonotrope, fawnbeige moon-side, fringed by rippling rickrack purlieus; subfusc...
Photo by quapan on Flickr
dog halloween view market valley farms russian sighthound borzoi wolfhound
While Solara was looking for the Great Pumpkin, Myrra preferred to shop.
Valley View Farms, Route 206, Newton NJ She doesnt normally toe out! She usually stands perfectly in the front. :)
Photo by Ferlinka Borzoi (Deb West) on Flickr
school trees girls texture abandoned boys rural bathroom gimp pasture washroom dogma lambtoncounty t4l wilkesport prettyroad skeletalmess maxfwilliams busyville robbnorth bentpathline
I saw this interesting building just standing on it's own in an empty field. After photographing it I went to the nearest house and asked about it: At the corner of Bentpath Line and Pretty Road was the little...
Photo by Robb North on Flickr


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This corner plant stand is made of powder coated steel and comes in black or green. It looks great on the porch, patio, sunroom or even the living room. Gardener's Supply

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Aqua Dog Rehab

Aqua Dog Gift Certificates. Wondering what to buy for the friend that has everything? Aqua Dog gift certificates are the perfect gift for pet owners.