Dog Scratching Pad

How to Train Cooperative Nail Trims with Your Dog Using a Scratch Board

This video shows how to train your dog for cooperative nail trims using a scratch board.

DIY Dog Nail Scratch / Filing Board

Bonnie learns to file her own nails using a diy doggy nail filing or scratch board which is like the equivalent of a cat scratching post.

Homemade Itchy Dog Spray

Spirit - dog walk plank / scratch pad

Cat Scratch of Dog's Eye.

This cute little dog tangled with a cat and came away with a punctured eyeball.

work computer desk workspace workstation metafilter
Office Desk
My desk at work (looking tidier than normal, with less papers strewn everywhere). Inspired by this MetaFilter thread.
Photo by Mrs. Gemstone on Flickr


DJ Cat Scratching Pad - UncommonGoods

Your cat will be scratching some laid-back beats with this cardboard scratching pad shaped like a DJ turntable.

How to Stop My Dog from Jumping & Scratching the Door

Jumping and scratching the door are common behavioral problems among dogs. Fortunately, you can use similar corrective techniques for both to ensure that your dog has ...

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CatClaws - Cat Scratchers, Cat Toys, Cat Supplies, Online ...

M.A.X. Scratcher, uniquely shaped scratching post. Also find toys, beds and other accessories.

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