Dog Scratching Ears

Why Does My Dog Scratch Its Ears?

com meets Dr. Pete Wedderburn to discuss - Why does my dog scratch its ears.

Health Tips for a dogs Itchy Ears


Dog Scratching

A dog scratching its ear.

Scratching behind my dogs ear

Reggie the dog, turn up the volume to hear his funny noise.

Dog scratching her ear.

Realy funny.

casper bichon mylittleboy whitedog
This was taken back in October; my shaggy little boy!
Photo by Dawn Huczek on Flickr
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Ear scratch small1_1
You stopped???!!!
Photo by StooMathiesen on Flickr
dog iraq butts aheram
Butts the Mangy Mutt
I have heard of Butts even before I met her. She had the reputation of being equally the most ugliest and the most sweetest dog you will ever meet. She came to the Marines and sailors on this base at her most pitiful....
Photo by Jayel Aheram on Flickr


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How to Soothe a Dog's Itchy Ears. While all dogs scratch their ears to some extent, if you notice your dog constantly scratching or irritation of the ear, you might ...

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How to Clean Your Dog's Ears. One very important way you can monitor your dog's health is to examine its ears weekly. We may not think to do this on our own but is it ...

Common Reasons for Dog Itchy Skin and Dog Scratching

Occasional itching and scratching is natural dog behavior. Problems only arise, when our dog starts to itch and scratch with extreme frequency.

5 Common Reasons Your Dog is Scratching Himself | petMD

1. Fleas. Flea saliva is very allergenic, so a single flea can cause flea allergy dermatitis (FAD) that makes your dog itchy at the bite site (often around the head ...

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