Dog Scratching Couch

Dog scratching his but on couch


Crazy dog scratching on my couch

Please see whole thing too funny.

My dog scratching the couch

" "

Dog scratching the couch

Then Daisy Leaves her mark lol.

Itchy Dog in the Couch-iverse

he likes dem scratchy couches.

Solve your toughest pet problems - Las Vegas Sun

But good characteristics don’t necessarily translate to good behavior. Read up on common dog behaviors and fixes, though trainer Derek Anovick says it’s best to stick to one source for advice — otherwise an owner can turn a small behavioral. Source:

Call 911... Call The SPCA .... "MURDER!"
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Didja Ever Have One of Those Days . . .
where you just wanted to put a pillow on your head and snuggle up to someone you (sorta) love? This photo (retitled "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie") was one of six featured on Yahoo's home page in a photo essay...
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Getting His
Link likes to have his chest scratched before he lets me lift him on to the couch.
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Doggonecouchcover is amazing! We use one on our sofa and it keeps the dog off and the couch pet hair free! Foil like material on one side, and a nice fabric on the other.

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