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Tv Host Bill Confidence Live Presents the All New OxGord Pet 3-In-1 Water Fountain Food Scoop Bowl

html Oxgord Pet 3 in 1 Water Fountain Food Scoop Bowl Our Integrated.

Scoop wants food

Shiba Inu begging for food.

Dog eating ice from his water bowl

He loves ice and will scoop it out and run away like it is his treat.

SuperZoo Scoop 2016 Torus

The water fountain bowl is travel friendly, requires no batteries, and stays put wherever you set it.

Cat trying to scoop food into his water

My cat is trying to put food in his water bowl but is having a hard time.

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Tiny scoops only
It looks so lonely in its tiny bowl...
Photo by qarylla on Flickr
food ic30 ironcraft
Suggested serving?
I know it looks small. I used my smallest cookie scoop for this, but dog treats should only be about 10% of their food intake.
Photo by qarylla on Flickr
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Ben's Chili Bowl, U St NW
French President Nicolas Sarkosy and wife, Carla Bruni-Sarkosy dine at Ben's while in DC to visit President Obama Death of Ben Ali, Founder of Ben's Chili...
Photo by dbking on Flickr


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