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com/dogrepellent An effective dog deterrent can make life much easier for all those suffering homeowners who are.

Homemade Animal Repellent

Try this old-fashioned animal repellent recipe to keep raccoons, squirrels and skunks out of your garden.

How to Get Rid of Dogs from your Front Lawn - Use Mandarin Skins - No More Dogs on the Lawn

I was always picking up dog faeces from my front lawn.


Dog Repellents: How to Keep Dogs Away From Yards

Read about some of the best approaches known to keep dogs away from yards, without harming them in any way, including effective dog repellents.

Natural Dog Repellents For The Garden

Dogs are a very popular house pet but they are not always the best things for our garden. Whether you are looking to keep your own dog out of some parts of the garden ...

Animal Traps & Repellents - Havahart®

Havahart® is the leading manufacturer of wildlife control products, with live animal traps, conscientious animal repellents & safe electronic solutions

Humane Dog Traps (Large Sizes In Stock) - Havahart®

Without endangering yourself, you can catch a stray dog with this extra-large humane dog trap from Havahart and relocate it to the local animal shelter.

Repellents - Bonide

GO AWAY™ Deer & Rabbit Repellent Granules. An outstanding repellent, specifically for deer and rabbits. Protects gardens and valuable landscaping.