Dog Repellent Essential Oils

Homemade Bug Spray Using Essential Oils for Dogs/Kids/People

Natural Insect Repellant Recipe.

Natural Flea & Tick Repellent for Dogs - Natural Remedy!

Use a NATURAL flea & tick repellent on your dogs or cats.

3 Essential Oils for Dogs

Are Essential Oils Safe for Your Dog.

Homemade Tick Spray

A natural tick repellent has kept my family & dog tick free for 3 years.

Natural Flea and Tick Repellent for Dogs

Cedar wood essential oil is a great natural flea repellent for your dog.

Insect Borne Diseases in Colorado - Prime Time News

~ By Kirsten Antony R. N. ~. A few months ago at a routine visit to the veterinarian, I became aware that it is now recommended for dogs living in Colorado to take preventative heartworm medicine year round. Source:


How to Make Natural Outdoor Fly Repellent with Essential Oils

How to Make Natural Outdoor Fly Repellent with Essential Oils. Tired of commercial bug sprays and the unwanted chemicals they contain? Are you constantly being ...

The Dangers Of Undiluted Essential Oils For Dog - Dogs ...

Good intentions, marketing and misinformation have been fuelling the improper use of essential oils among pet owners. It’s a dangerous movement that has led to oils ...

A Homemade Natural Insect Repellent with Essential Oils

Essential oils are natural, chemical-free alternatives to store-bought bug sprays. Many essential oils are mosquito repellents. Lemongrass and Citronella are the most ...

Dog and Cat Repellent - Essential Oil Repellent by Bonide

This granular repellent that discourages dogs and cats by creating an aromatic barrier around flowerbeds, shrubs and trees. Gardener's Supply

Dog Stress - Essential Oils Calm and Ease Stress

Dog anxiety and stress is more common than people realize and it can be easily managed using therapuetic grade essential oils. Easy to use and effective natural remedies.