Dog's Claw Uses


This is an excerpt from the DVD Tongue to Tail - The Integrated Movement of the Dog.

Dew Claws Do Have a Purpose!

This video shows how dogs use their dew claws to get themselves safely out of icy waters.

How To Trim Dog Nails Using Cutie Pet's Dog Nail Clippers

com/Dog-Nail-Clippers-Stainless-Satisfaction/dp/B00C7HUNJM Learn how to trim your dog's nails with Cutie Pet's Dog Nail Clippers for Cat.

How to Trim / Clip Puppy Dog's Toenails / Nails / Claws Safely. Bull terrier puppy featured

Video showing High Resolution Close up of Olive, our 5 week old English bull terrier puppy having her nails trimmed with the nail clippers that you use on your .

Silver and head massager

Silver the husky enjoys a head massage.

African clawed toads
use to be used in pregnancy testing these are in a bank?! on the counter. last one of these we had was larger than my palm, just trunk of the body. he got out of his tank once and we found him in the dog's water...
Photo by Rusty Clark ~ 100K Photos on Flickr


All About Your Dog's Dewclaws - The Dogington Post

Dewclaws, also known as a dog’s thumb, refers to a vestigial digit found on the foot of most mammals, reptiles, and birds. It normally grows high on the animal’s ...

Paw - Wikipedia

A paw is the soft foot of a mammal, generally a quadruped, that has claws

Shorkie - PetGuide - PetGuide | Dog, Cat, and Pet ...

With the attitude of a giant breed dog, the Shorkie has no clue that he is a small guy. Playful and energetic, the Shorkie is great with kids and adults.

HerbNET - Herb Uses - D, E

Dahnoon (Ilex cassine): A strong decoction of the plant was used by some native North American Indian tribes to induce vomiting.

The Dewclaws Debate – Keep Them or Lose Them?

Anytime you talk about removing something from a dog’s body, there is a debate about it. When it comes to dewclaws, however, most owners do not know much about them.