Dog Nail Trimming

Dr. Becker on Trimming Your Dog's Nails


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See how to properly trim your dog's nails as demonstrated by the staff at The Zimmerman Veterinary Clinic.

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A lot of people have been asking me recently how I trim my dogs' nails.

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com This video covers all the basic for trimming your dog's nails.

Aggressive Dog Nail Trimming

v=MwLTnwYBO40 Rocco has some serious issues with handling / nail trimming.

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Clean Dog
Bailey went to the groomer Saturday. He had a bath and a haircut, and got his nails trimmed. That little dog is white after all. He was a very dirty dog when he went.
Photo by BarbaraLN on Flickr
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Tapping Me
Notice that Frank's right paw is pulled back. He was tapping me in the belly to get me to scratch his head. His foot looks like a bear claw, even after trimming his nails are very long.
Photo by Tobyotter on Flickr
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cosmo's bath
His nails need trimmed, but we tried to do it the other night, and he got scared and bit Jonathan's thumb.
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