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Clipping an ingrown nail on a cat

Instruction on how to clip an ingrown nail on a cat (Mario the Scottish Fold Cat) at the Pooch Parlor Pet Groomer Academy in Ponderay, .

How to - Fix Ingrown Cat nails - Importance of trims! Veterinarian tip.

This video is about Ingrown cat nails - importance of trims Young cats and kittens can easily shed the outer sheath of their nails with proper scratching materials .

Emergency Dog Health Care : Clipping a Dog's Broken Toenail

Learn what to do when your dog has a broken toenail, in this free pet health care video with tips from a veterinarian.

Yeast Infection in Dogs


How to Trim a Cat's Nails

Keeping your cat's nails short is an important part of grooming and can help prevent injury to you and your cat.

Dog treadmills and fake fire hydrants: How hotels host Westminster show dogs - Washington Post

Grooming tables, which must be reserved, go for upward of $150. On Sunday, toy dogs in rhinestone collars trotted about the hotel’s cavernous lobby as a 190-pound Neapolitan mastiff with paws the size of salad plates waited in a check-in. Each February, this dull conference room transforms into what the hotel calls a “dog s’paw” for competitors in the Westminster Kennel Club dog show, which started Monday. Source:


NAIL CONDITIONS IN DOGS plus links to some of the top ...

NAIL CONDITIONS: CLAW DISEASES IN DOGS AND CATS Nail disorders are relatively rare in companion animals, particularly in comparison with nail disorders in man (1-6 ...

Why Does My Cat Shed His Claws? - Vetstreet

According to Dr. Smith, when this happens, the nail has grown beyond the blood supply, so the outside sheath is discarded to make room for a newer, sharper version.

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Nail Bed Infections Symptoms and Treatments in Dogs and Cats - Dogs and cats feet are often exposed to bacteria and fungi in dirt and grass. A split or torn nail ... - Nail Caps for Cats and Dogs

Easy to apply, safe and effective! The humane alternative to declawing, SoftPaws nail caps help protect from damage caused by scratching and are economical.

Sof Paws® Nail Caps for Dogs - Soft Paws

Whether your dog is hyper, disobedient, or just has long, sharp claws, Soft Paws Nail Caps are the best solution for problematic dog scratching. Easy to apply, quick ...