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How I Cured My Dogs Milk Fever.

Eclampsia, also called milk fever or puerperal tetany, is an acute, life-threatening disease caused by low blood calcium levels (hypocalcemia) in nursing dogs.

Livestock guard dog drinks fresh cow milk

Maple, of our Livestock Guardian Dogs, always sits close by at milking time in hopes of getting a treat or two of nice warm milk from a Highland/Jersey milk cow .

Milk Bone 10LB Large Dog Biscuits Review

Reviewing Akira's favorite snack: Milk Bone Dog Biscuits for Large Dogs.

Milk fever in a lactating dog

Milk fever in a lactating dog is a dangerous situation for the bitch.

Finishing my morning treat-dog biscuits and milk

dog treat trick milkbone
Lucy's latest trick
Photo by pbump on Flickr
dog milk snack bones treat apb365
Milk Bones (301)
Photo by Doug Waldron on Flickr
Grocery Fool!!! *NOT FUCKING WAL-MART!!!*
Today was my buddy Vic's first pic for FGR, so there was absolutely no way I could let him down...Liina actually took the shot, but i don't give a rat's ass! FGR - Acting a fool in public! Go BIG!!!
Photo by AndYaDontStop on Flickr


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Doggie Bistro | Free Homemade Dog Treat Recipes

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