Dog Milk Or Water

Can Dogs Drink Milk?

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Dog drinks milk like its water

Peta Fooled People Into Drinking 'Dogs' Milk

Peta Fooled People Into Drinking 'Dogs' Milk.

Guard dog prefers her milk straight from the source

These livestock guard dogs know that if they're in the barn when their owner is milking the cows they might get a little treat as he finishes up. As you can see,.

Dog Drinking (Got Milk?)

My doggy drinking cow milk and then playing with the empty milk box :D.

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Tracy Arm
Tracy Arm Fjord. Sawyer Glacier in the distance. Alaska, USA. Tracy Arm is a fjord in Alaska near Juneau. It is named after the Secretary of the Navy Benjamin Franklin Tracy.
Photo by Ian D. Keating on Flickr
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Water 2
Best viewed in lightbox Solitude at sunset.
Photo by NFarmer on Flickr
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Water reflection on a cascade
reflet auberge du temps
Photo by Jeanne Menjoulet on Flickr


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