Dog Milk Kittens

Orphaned kittens adopted by mama dog

The kittens are fed formula in addition to Jean's puppy milk.

Dog Fostering Kittens Without Mother Cat

The dog Mary is fostering three kittens that were dropped off at the Animalshelter Pickens without a mother.

Dog feeding kittens

My dog who gave birth to her 1st litter recently and HATES cats with a vengance fed and cleaned 4 new born kittens we found in a rubbish bin.

Kittens want dog milk

Our 2 little kittens Betsy and Dixie try to suck the milk of our puppy Paco.

Video dog suckling kittens

Video collection lactating dogs kitten.

cat milk kitten gato leche lilu
Leche para Lilu
Photo by losmininos on Flickr
cat milk brother cocoa
We heard something noise
I heard something noise.
Photo by J i J y on Flickr
brown tabby tricolour shimmercat
Shimmer, broad-stripe brown tabby cat
Her two kittens were adopted three days ago, and she's still sad and uncomfortable because her milk hasn't dried up.
Photo by Helena Jacoba on Flickr


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