Dog Milk Europe

Does This Baby Tiger Like Dog's Milk? Definitely He Does!

The mother tiger endured a difficult labor.

Drinking buddies? Huge dog and small cat take turns sipping their milk!

A little and large duo, a cute husky and tiny black kitten shared a bottle of milk after playing together, in Fillmore, Saskatchwean, on Saturday.

See how Europe is producing milk !!! Robotic farm

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Czechoslovakian communist-era milk advertisement

Glasnost-era Czechosolovakian milk advertisement.

Riot dog drinks milk spilled by Greek dairy farmers

Greek dairy farmers handed out thousands of bottles of free milk in downtown Athens on Monday, April 6, 2009. About 100 farmers stood by Syntagma Square.

dog chihuahua window puppy lost poodle hybrid poochi chipoo choodle chipoodle
Lost puppy at window
Our friend and neighbour Carol found this little dog wandering the streets obviously lost. She picked her up and knocked on some doors but no-one knew whose she was so she brought her home. Carol phoned the police,...
Photo by Martin Cooper Ipswich on Flickr
goat crete milking lassithiplateau
Lassithi Plateau, Crete
This lovely old guy has hardly been off the Lassithi Plateau in his entire life. He runs a small café in the front room of his house for anyone who happens to stop by. If you want milk, he goes out and gets it fresh...
Photo by OliverC999 on Flickr
sheep moutons schafe brebis
Kleines in 2014
When she was a lamb in 2008, there was a confusion, because of one of the dogs I had at that time. Tristan disturbed the birth and one of the mothers claimed three of the lambs. One must have been from another mother....
Photo by stanzebla on Flickr


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