Dog Milk Drink

India: Meet Mohit, the 10-yr-old boy who feeds on dog milk

Ten-year-old Mohit Kumar has fed on dog milk since he was four years old and has continued the habit ever since.

Dog Drinking (Got Milk?)

My doggy drinking cow milk and then playing with the empty milk box :D.

Is it Okay to Give Your Dog Milk?

My cat loves it, and the dog keeps trying to drink what the cat does.

My baby dog drinking milk

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Baby Cow Drinking Milk of a DOG-Most Popular video

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dog coffee cafe hanoi
Best coffee buddy in Hanoi
when the girls are out looking for clothes, i like to find myself in a secluded cafe with ice coffee milk. The uncle loves pets, he has a dozen bird cages outside his store and he walks around topless with his...
Photo by jonolist on Flickr
street people dog puppy vietnam hoian fujifilm hoianancienttown quangnamprovince fujinon23mmf2 x100s
Drink That Milk
An old local lady proudly showing off her puppies to anyone passing by. Hoi An, Vietnam.
Photo by Christopher Crouzet on Flickr
grey milk bottle joey drinking kangaroo hugo eastern bottlefeeding
Hugo having a drink
Isn't he just so sweet!
Photo by vivevans on Flickr


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