Dog Milk Cow

Quiet Cow

Dog drinks milk from a tame cow.

Baby Cow Drinking Milk of a DOG-Most Popular video

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Dog introduced to dairy cow, unexpected playtime ensues

It's a tense moment when Miss Piggie the Boston Terrier meets Suzanne the dairy cow.

Cow’s milk or dog’s milk … what’s the diff?!

Cow drinking dog milk

blackandwhite cow milk bokeh dairy bovine holstein eartag dairycow milkingcow holsteincow
Holstein Cow
Photo by egrego2 on Flickr
green grass minnesota cow milk farm organic dairy newprague
Cow Closeup
Photo by Cedar Summit Farm on Flickr
[89/365] Moo
Visited the cows at Wright's Dairy with Josh at lunchtime today while picking up some milk. He was so excited when they mooed back at him. Yes, he mooed at them first. :)
Photo by goaliej54 on Flickr


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