Dog Milk Bottle

Bottle feeding puppy!

I had to bottle feed these puppies because mama did not have enought milk for all of the little piggies.

Dog drinking from a bottle

Milk Dog

Today at a bbq I met a small poodle x named Coco Hammond that has figured out how to open empty 2 litre milk bottles and drink the leftovers while laying on .

How To Bottle Feed... a Dog

Watch how to bottle feed a dog if you like cute and funny dog stuff.

Puppies drinking milk

Video of lots of puppies sucking the milk and life out of their mom.

grey milk bottle joey drinking kangaroo hugo eastern bottlefeeding
Hugo having a drink
Isn't he just so sweet!
Photo by vivevans on Flickr
sheep moutons schafe brebis
Kleines in 2014
When she was a lamb in 2008, there was a confusion, because of one of the dogs I had at that time. Tristan disturbed the birth and one of the mothers claimed three of the lambs. One must have been from another mother....
Photo by stanzebla on Flickr
water milk wine juice drinks lineup smlxl jeroboam
S, M, L, XL
I had occasion to purchase a few beverages that I usually don't, so I decided to take a picture of all my beverages (less the liquor cabinet, which isn't optimized for easy access). Here they are arranged by height.
Photo by goldberg on Flickr


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