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How to Buy the Best Dog Collar or Harness (Petco)

Choosing the right collar, leash and harness for your dog calls for a trip to the pet store.

How to Use a Retractable Flexi Leash to Walk Your Dog (Petco)

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How to Walk Your Dog (Petco)

Learning how to walk your dog on a loose leash is important for safety, and will also make dog walking easier.

How to Walk your Dog With a Loose Leash (Petco)

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How to Walk Your Dog on a Loose Leash (Petco)

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Here's how you can help animals affected by Hurricane Harvey -

Staff at animal shelters in the affected areas are working around the clock to keep their animals safe. These include BARC in Houston, the Harris County Animal Shelter and the SPCA of Brazoria County , which is about an hour south of Houston and also experiencing what's being described as "catastrophic" flooding. Source:

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    Marvel character Spectrum can travel at the speed of light. The Spectrum at New Leash on Life hopes to win someone over just as fast. She came to New Leash on Life from animal control and has quickly won over the staff and volunteers. Spectrum is a 

Dogs? What Dogs?
Well, I hate this photo of me, but I had to record the moment. My sister-in-law was here to visit and the big dogs leap and become a general nuisance. I finally attached them to each other and kept them on a leash...
Photo by basykes on Flickr


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