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Selecting the Best Leash and Collar for Your Dog


How to Buy the Best Dog Collar or Harness (Petco)

When shopping for a collar, be sure to test the collar for size, weight, and.

10 Best Leather Dog Leashes 2016

id=ytdesc Leather Dog Leashes Reviewed In This Wiki: Logical Leather 72TL-PK.

What type of collar should you use when training a dog?

com/zakgeorge What type of collar should you use during dog training.

Bizzarro updates new state animal protection law -

, on Tuesday said Pennsylvania's new animal protection law is breeding misunderstandings on what kind of dog collar can be used and when. "I've seen erroneous reports stating that chokers and pronged dog collars are now illegal when walking a dog on its leash,'' Bizzarro said in a news release. Source:

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Let's go for a ride!
Photo by vwcampin on Flickr
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Dog Butterflies
Cute small Dog pulling on the leash; Something has its attention and it is not butterflies...
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