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Introducing Harness Lead.

Dog Harness & Lead in One

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demonstration on how to turn a slip lead into a harness.

Harness Lead Handcrafted Braided Nylon Leash w/ Rubber Stops on QVC

For More Information or to Buy: http://qvc.

Measuring Dog And Fitting Non Pull Dog Harness With Double Ended Lead

snugglezzz offers a short video explaining how to measure your dog for a anti pull or no pull dog harness.

Wiener Dog Races: Ruby runs away with Downs' Dachshund Dash - The Daily News Online

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Euston Rural Pastimes Event 2014
Euston Rural Pastimes Event 2014 8th June 2014 Celebrating 23 Years! A traditional, English Country Fair for all the family. Has now been held every June for 23 years. It began as a fundraising show for our local...
Photo by Dave Catchpole on Flickr
'see I am a mad dog' 30 Days of Rosemary (8 of 30)
We have just started using a harness outside, which Rosmary seems to enjoy alot more. Her lead use to virtually strangle her as she is the type of dog that pulls alot and runs at will. Here is Emily and her mum...
Photo by philhearing on Flickr
dog pet black cute grass puppy fluffy whisky scottishterrier
Whisky on Morning Walk
He actually sat still for two seconds this morning so I could take a decent photo of him on our morning walk! The harness he's wearing is the only one that doesn't encourage him to constantly pull on the lead.
Photo by Kelly Hunter on Flickr


Harness Lead - Home

use with kindness. do not jerk, yank or correct your dog in harness lead. if dog continues to pull hard then leash is not working for dog, so discontinue use.

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Pulling on the lead is an easy habit to get into and often dogs pull when they are out of balance or when they're just plain excited! A Mekuti Balance Harness with a ...

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Balance Dog Harness: stop your dog pulling on the lead.

The Mekuti Balance Dog Harness to stop dogs pulling on the lead, the gentle way.