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Little Ballerina Tutu Dog Harness Dress with Leash Light Pink

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Pink Poodle Designer Dog Harness Dress

Take a trip to back in time with your pup in this stylish and fun Pink Poodle Designer Dog Dress by Doggie Design.

DIY Yorkie Dog Tutus Tutorial

This one was made for Wolfie's friend, Bon Bon.

Polka Dot Mermaid Dog Harness Dress

Dogs will have a swimmingly good time wearing this Polka Dog Mermaid Dog Harness Dress.

Celia Rivenbark: Do we need all these 'emotional support pets'? - The Daily Telegram

There was one in the bank today wearing a sporty red vest, but what if it was just a cleverly tied scarf from T. J. Maxx the owner uses to make sure her dog can hang out with her in public places. I used quotes because I think it’s possible a few of these are just dogs playing dress up but I could be wrong. Source:

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Mk6 housing solution - The ''crocodile dundee'' - and how it aids Julian's Arrival and Survival
* He who has the more #populationreach has the greater #opportunity for #J0 happiness. ... Exciting improvement changes from the Mk5: * ditched snail/parachute pack: with ultralight sleeping bag and a tight...
Photo by Julian Partridge on Flickr
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I fancy this is a nice turnout as you'll find owing to Frank Miller's Harness Oil. Harness soap. Harness dressing & axle oil. (front)
File name: 10_03_001712a Binder label: Agriculture Title: I fancy this is a nice turnout as you'll find owing to Frank Miller's Harness Oil. Harness soap. Harness dressing & axle oil. (front) Date issued:...
Photo by Boston Public Library on Flickr
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Candy and Chewy
I love the expression on Chewy's face
Photo by stevegatto2 on Flickr


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