Dog Hair Knot Removal

How to Comb Out Tangles and Matted Hair

Many people have asked us why their dog's coat is tangled or matted when they do brush them regularly.

Dog Grooming -How to remove Mats and Knots

I do this every night as her night grooming routine.

How to Remove Mats in Your Dog's Fur (DrsFosterSmith)

Learn what dog grooming brushes and combs you can use to remove matted dog hair.

Clipping matted dog

grooming a matted dog.

Knot Out™ (Official Commercial)

Knot Out™ Electric Pet Grooming Comb is the ultimate pet grooming tool.


Dog Hair Loss Grooming and Skin Diseases

Care, treatment and solutions for dog hair problems. Learn how to solve the many problems that can cause a dog losing hair or excessive canine shedding.

Dog Losing Hair Causes and Hair Loss Treatment

There are several causes for a dog losing hair. The medical and breed related reasons for dog hair loss and what you can do about it are described here.

How to Brush Mats out of Dog Hair: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

How to Brush Mats out of Dog Hair . The best way to brush mats out of dog's hair is to prevent them forming in the first place. Mats will only get worse, so they must ...

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Hair Removal found in: E-Glide, Wizzit, Target Tweeze, Nina Silk, Pearl Hair Remover - Free Shipping, eSmooth Hair Removal Roller Pen by Verseo,..

8 Steps to Untangle Matted Dog Hair | Cowboy Magic

In addition to his friendly disposition, your dog’s long, silky coat is one of his most wonderful traits. But it can also be one of his most challenging.