Grooming Siamese Cats

Grooming Siamese cat

How to shave a short-haired cat - a nice one:)

Also how to clip cat nails before shaving in the lion clip pattern.


Athena my female Siamese cat . http://instagram.

Siamese Cat. Health. Care. Coat Color And Grooming

Most cat associations call for the Siamese to have a svelte but.

Siamese cats are best friends & grooming each other

Like every day there is the wash time for my siamese cats.

Colleen, currently my oldest cat. She's a siamese-tabby with a major issues. After we moved in 2006, she barricaded herself in the bathroom and wouldn't come out for anything. By this point, however, she'd come out...
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don't bug me, dude, I'm grooming (365-174)
Frantic day at work. It was so nice to come home and chill with the cats.
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furminating angus
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