Grooming Dog Mats

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Dog Grooming -How to remove Mats and Knots

I do this every night as her night grooming routine.

GROOMING: Maltese & MATS MATS MATS ~~ HOW to SAFELY Remove a MAT on Dogs Sensitive Areas말티즈

Clothes can cause mats to form in the arm pit area and around the areas where the clothes is.

Clipping matted dog

grooming a matted dog.

Standard Poodle Dog Grooming Severe Mats

Trying to brush or comb through the mats would.

How to Remove Mats in Your Dog's Fur (DrsFosterSmith)

Learn what dog grooming brushes and combs you can use to remove matted dog hair.

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Getting Ready For Spring
It is still a bit cool but I got Frank and Link groomed (Frank really needed it, he was matted and shaggy). Frank cleans up well, but his coat grows fast. Link has only been to the groomers twice in 5 1/2 years...
Photo by Tobyotter on Flickr
dog chien pet frank canine dachshund perro hund wienerdog picnik teckel k9 sausagedog aplaceforportraits pointyfaceddog
Time For Grooming
I have tried keeping up with Frank's hair - but it is knotted and matted- he has an appointment with Happy Dog Groomers in the morning.
Photo by Tobyotter on Flickr
dog chien pet frank hound canine dachshund perro hund dackel teckel k9 doxie sausagedog aplaceforportraits pointyfaceddog ienerdog
Long Hair
When they groom Frank they just get matted hair of the tail but don't cut it much - the hair is about 10 inches long.
Photo by Tobyotter on Flickr


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