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How to groom a long haired dog - Dog grooming demonstration

Grooming a long haired dog can be quite a challenge.

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In this video we show you how to groom your thick and long-haired dog at home with the range of Yours Droolly Shear Magic grooming tools.

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Grooming Long Haired Dogs : Dog Grooming Tools

A brush, comb, clippers, and a razor edge are all important grooming tools for dogs.

Long Haired Dog Grooming Instructions : Outer Coat Dog Grooming Tips

Learn about a dog's outer coat and hair growth in this free dog grooming training and instructions video.

cat jemima furballs furminator thelittledoglaughed 18july2013
Fur glorious fur!
Here is Missy J with an amazing cat comb I bought a while back. It's called a "Furminator", and is designed to remove the furry undercoat from cats, so that they don't shed it, or throw up furballs....
Photo by The hills are alive* on Flickr


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Prevent dog shedding by grooming a long haired dog with the Large Long Hair Dog deShedding Tool from FURminator.

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Dog grooming refers to both the hygienic care and cleaning of a dog, as well as a process by which a dog's physical appearance is enhanced for showing or other types ...

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Grooming a long haired dog with this FURminator tool will help you stop additional dog shedding! For long hair dogs up to 20 lbs. 1.75" deShedding edge designed for ...

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