Dog Costume Names

Pirate cat! Pirates of the Caribbean costume (name is Zeon)

해적 고양이~ 지온. (more pic or video instagram : https://instagram.

Chico the Halloween Giraffe

Best dog costume EVER !!!


Dog Bow and Dog Dress Shopping Haul

In this video I share with you a small dog bow haul from Doggiebowties and 2 dog dresses we got in from Barkley Couture.

Christmas dog dress Unboxing

In this video I unbox Stassi the shih tzu's christmas dog dress Barkley Couture www.

Eureka's Next Top Doggo: Equity Bank's doggie beauty pageant benefits GSHS - Lovely County Citizen

Ken Pownall, who brought his Great Pyrenees, Blue, to the pageant, said he and Blue were excited to be part of the event. Elizabeth Kelly, president of the Eureka Springs Equity Bank branch, said the event featured a bake sale with treats for humans and animals. Source:

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"The name is Boo, just Boo" A Pug In Formal
Boo Bond trying on his New Year's best!
Photo by DaPuglet on Flickr
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Jakar tshechu, Shawa Shachhi, stag
Jakar tshechu, Shawa Shachhi, the dance of the Stag and the Hunting Dogs, stag The Dance of the Stag and the Hunting Dogs (Shawa Shachhi) depicts the conversion to Buddhism of a hunter named Gonpo Dorje by the great...
Photo by Arian Zwegers on Flickr
adorable poodle rowdy peoplewatching grandrapidsmichigan bikerdog dogwatching rkramer62 artprize2014 dogwithbraidedbeard iguessyoucouldsayhehasasoulpatch
A dog named Rowdy
Sometimes people (and dog) watching is just as much fun as seeing the art at Artprize.
Photo by rkramer62 on Flickr


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