Dog Cleaning Windows

Dog Cleaning a Window - Screen Clean Dog

This dog cleaning my windows :) GIF version available here: http://goo.

Boxer dog has awesome window cleaning skills

Lily the boxer dog doesn't know how to handle being locked outside while her humans paint inside.

Dog and Boy Window Cleaning Service

In this silly clip, a boy and his pet dog give a glass door a fancy cleanin' using their tongues.

Dog window cleaning

Dog cleaning window to see outside

Dog can't see out fogged up window so she cleans it.

Mother gets her two boxers to help with the chores... by letting them 'clean' the windows with their TONGUES - Daily Mail

by letting them 'clean' the windows with their TONGUES Video shows Roxy and Boss the boxer dogs cleaning the glass with their tongues Their owner, Monica Baker, 38, claims they are trying to help her with housework But she admits that the pets are... Source:

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Beach House
Taken on holiday in South Africa, May 2009
Photo by russelljsmith on Flickr
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The Sun Room
Photo by Katie@! on Flickr
toby dog grey lonely humanesociety
Shame the windows weren't clean! Not always possible with lots of dog noses around :o(
Photo by CowCopTim on Flickr


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