Dog Cleaning The House

Ezekiel Helps Clean the House (Ezekiel the Deaf Therapy Dog)

by Lyons, Tom; Lyons, Mary | PB | Acceptable

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Useful Dog Tricks 3 performed by Jesse

Presenting, Useful Dog Tricks 3. Whoever said tricks can't be useful.

Trained Dog Cleans the House

Trained dog cleans the house while owner is at work.

The Most Helpful Dog in the World: Jesse

Jesse loves helping out.

dog tricks: Golden Retriever Grace cleans the house

Cleaning the house is always such a chore, but Golden Retriever Grace does her part.

Dog help cleaning house

Dog help cleaning house The capacity of intelligence and compassion in dogs.

dog paris happy kamila
Kamila in Paris
This is our dog kamila, she is very well behaved even when other big dogs bark at her, she does not bark back. She is totally house trained and does not bark when we are in the flat or not in the flat. The dog is a...
Photo by jamtea on Flickr
photoshop fun 50mm nikon elements 114 d7000
smart Isaac
Isaac is now 3 month young and growing. Today he stood on the scale again and measured 33.3 pounds. Yesterday he found an expensive memory card and possibly ate some of it. I cleaned up the whole house searching for...
dog pet raven rescuedog
Raven -- "What do ya' want me to do? I can do it! Try me! Paint the house? Clean the garage? Huh? Huh?"
Raven on fall afternoon in early November, hungry to please.
Photo by Jack W. Pearce on Flickr


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