Dog Cleaning Other Dog

Shibas grooming eachother

She has found new purpose in life since Maximus our 8 month old Shiba has come to live with us. She is constanatly holding.

Cat licking dog, grooming and cleaning

My friends cat likes to groom the other cats and dogs and they seem to like it.


My dog Bambi cleans my cat's ears every day.

Dog cleaning my cats ears

Zoey goas up to Marley everyday wanting her ears cleaned by marley it's so cute.

Two Cats Cleaning Each Others Ears

My two cats, Freddy and Rocky, taking turns cleaning each other.

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37/52 Weeks of Teddy - Tough Day
Earlier this week, Teddy and our other dog (Baxter) had a long day at the vet for dental cleaning and tooth extractions. (I guess either we should have been brushing their teeth or the vet pegged us as suckers)....
Photo by Au Kirk on Flickr
dog paris happy kamila
Kamila in Paris
This is our dog kamila, she is very well behaved even when other big dogs bark at her, she does not bark back. She is totally house trained and does not bark when we are in the flat or not in the flat. The dog is a...
Photo by jamtea on Flickr
charity rescue pets dogs peru latinamerica animal animals amazon community education animalrescue iquitos veterinarian humanesociety animalshelter aspca donperrito amazoncares mednikow petresolutions
Marilyn Monroe
SAMPLE ENTRY IN AMAZON CARES CONTEST! MY NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION: A Veterinary Volunteer is bringing me to the USA to live with my rescuer and bff Molly!! I'll be in the USA in February! Is it cold there? Basic...
Photo by AmazonCARES on Flickr


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