Dog Cleaning Floor

Dog Cleaning Floor

Frenchie Picasso uses Swiffer Sweeper to clean the floor.

Dog Tried To Clean Up His Own Pee From Bathroom Floor, People Fall In Love

An adorable pup Pablo peed on the bathroom floor in his owner's friend's house, the pooch decided to clean it up using toilet paper just like his human would.

Dog Cleaning Floor With Towel

Pekinese caught cleaning the floor with a towel.

Pet Hair Floor Cleaning - Microfiber Wholesale

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How to Clean Up Pet Hair: Swiffer FUNdamentals of Cleaning

Cleaning up dog or cat hair can be a real pain, but not with Swiffer Sweeper.

Nacho, saved from euthanasia, is a little shy. He loves to help sweep floors so much some of our cleaning staff have lovingly renamed him O'Cedar. He can usually be found on top of the cages in the center room or...
Photo by Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue on Flickr
life dog pet good toilet
dog toilet Gina
I think a dog toilet is creative because the person who made it up must be sick of cleaning the dog poo poos on the floor so then he was thinking of making a dog toilet.
Photo by nist6ss on Flickr
New Flooring
Those clumps of shed dog fur clean right up now.
Photo by davidwhitewolf on Flickr


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If you don't use natural cleaning products in your home, your dog might be at risk. Here are five potentially dangerous cleaning products for dogs.

Soggy Doggy Doormat | Super Absorbent Dog Paw Cleaning Mat

The Soggy Doggy Doormat sucks up water, mud, and grime from your dog's paws. No more dirty dog paw prints in the house!

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HOW do I get my laminate wood floor to look clean and shiny???? Everytime I mop it just drys with a film on it and it is hard to walk in socks.

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