Dog Cleaning Face

West Highland Terrier Dog Eye Cleaning Step By Step Dog Face Cleaning

This video is to help you see how much eye gunk and boogers can get stuck, build up, and start eating into the skin around the eye when not cleaned regularly.

Dog is Cleaning a Baby

Dog Cleaning ! Cute Dog Licks Baby Clean - Funny &Cute Video Ever Seen

Cute Dog Licks Baby Clean.

Eye Cleaning on a Difficult Dog

This video is for anyone who has a dog that doesnt like you to touch their face to check and clean their eyes.

Dog cleaning face

Dog cleaning face.

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Post-Link Face Cleaning
Link gave Frank a good face washing, paying particular attention to his eyes.
Photo by Tobyotter on Flickr
dogs bella twitter365
Feb 2 2009
Had both the dogs at the groomers today. I had Bella clipped as with her long coat she was really suffering in the hideous heatwave we have been having in Adelaide. I can't believe how thin she looks and how old too....
Photo by ccox888 on Flickr
Clean your Face
Photo by mblouir on Flickr


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