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Learn how to properly wear and care for your Fitbit device with advice and directions from our Scientific Advisory Board.

Fitbit Help - How do I clean my tracker?

Fitbit Help › How do I clean my tracker? How do I clean my tracker? Printable View « Go Back. Information : Article Text: To clean your wristband, ...

How to Clean Your Fitness Tracker - Live Science

Fitness trackers can get dirty, sweaty or smelly, especially if you wear them all the time. Here's how to clean your tracker.

Solved: Cleaning a Fitbit - Fitbit Community

Solved: My Fitbit is starting to smell :(. What are some tips and tricks on cleaning your Fitbit. I'm too nervous to put it under running water in my

How to clean the your Fitbit Flex charging contacts

Clean contacts on the flex tracker 1:44 – Brushing the Flex 2:23 – Cleaning with a Q-Tip 2:41 – Cleaning with a toothpick 3:42 – Cleaning the Charger