Cleaning Dog's Eyes


How to Clean Your Dog’s Eyes

Muck Removal. If your dog doesn’t have tear stains, just general muck in his eyes, you should be able to clean them by gently wiping the edge of the eye with a ...

How to Clean Dog Eye Discharge Using Home Remedies - Pets

Your dog is so cute, but not when she has runny discharge streaming from her eyes. Eye discharge is very common in dogs, especially certain breeds.

How to Keep Your Dog's Eyes Clean and Healthy

Eyes are very delicate but surprisingly durable. There are steps you can take now to care for your pet's eyes so they aren't prone to infections and traumas later.

How to Clean a Dog's Eye | eHow

Clean your dogs eyes by moistening a cotton ball or clean cloth and wiping his eyelids and corners of the eyes.

Dog 101 | Grooming | How to Clean Your Dog's Eyes & Ears

How to Clean Your Dog's Eyes & Ears Eye Cleaning Your dog's eyes should be cleaned on a regular basis, as dogs are susceptible to many of the same eye conditions that ...