Cleaning 8 Track Tape Heads

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Original Car Delco GM 8 track player repair service ...

If you have a factory 8 track player that is not working properly or not working at all we will take care of it. At JVrestorations we do not charge for diagnosis.

8-Track Tape Restoration -

8-Track Tape Restoration "KERCHUNK"- That familiar sound that let you know the next track was on the way. Though basically chastised ...

Vintage refurbished 8 Track Recorders and Players for sale

Vintage 8 Track Recorders QUADRAPHONIC / STEREO © 8 Track Players are generally stereo - 2 channels. Please do not confuse 8 Track Stereo ...

Barry's 8 Track Repair - World Leader in 8 Track Player Repair

An 8 track player works by pulling the tape out from INSIDE the full reel, passing it across the playback head,

Barry's 8 Track Repair - Tips on Purchasing an 8 Track Player

You'll find tons of 8 Track machines on eBay in varying condition. The seller will generally pop in a tape, run it for a few minutes and conclude that the machine ...