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Cleaning 35mm Slides, 35mm Film, 35mm Negatives and Other Films. Usually, a slide cleaning project will amount to a lot of effort just to move the dirt around on the ...

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In my younger days, I shot 35mm film and slides, and I still have the majority of those today. I have been slowly but surely digitally scanning them.

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I have about 800 old 35mm color slides that were taken about 40 to 60 years ago. I went to transfer them into my computer and found the slides seem to have gotten ...

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Cleaning Old 35MM Slides: ... It's generally suggested not to clean your slides with water, the reason being that as it dries water can leave behind water spots.

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You may discover that they could use some cleaning if you ever move around digitizing old 35 mm slides in your basement. In time passed, 35 mm slides have been used ...