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The Comfort Window Perch, cat window perch is the easiest piece of cat furniture to assemble.

DIY Cat Window Perch

Here is what you'll need.

How to Make a Window Cat Perch (WoodLogger)

This Window Cat Perch or Cat Window Bed project was cheap, fun, and easy to make.

Lacey's Lookout - Window Seat Furniture for Dogs and Cats - The Savvy Pet


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dog frito
Frito's favorite perch
Photo by Brandy Dopkins on Flickr
stretching out in the sun like a cat in the window hillside changing color as I'm watching shadows throw i'm laughing that is rich it puts my stomach in a stitches early birdie from a perch looking down can see all...
Photo by iTopher on Flickr
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(King) George of the Jungle
Here's my bossy cat, George, sitting in front of the window in my office-cum-living room . Rather than perching on one of my supply cabinets as he's doing in this picture, George truly prefers reclining on the desk...
Photo by faith goble on Flickr


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Give your cat a bird's-eye view. With a stylish cat window perch or one of our sturdy free-standing cat perches, she'll always have the perfect place to relax.

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