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dog teeth pmv (gore warning)

edit: OK i warned you guys, are you happy now.

【Dog Teeth】Scott【L4D PMV】

I know there is a lot of gore in this, it's a zombie game called "Left 4 Dead" what do you expect.

dog teeth ✧ onestar/darktail


Dog Teeth

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    SALT LAKE CITY — Anyone who owns a pet knows how much bring so much joy to life, but many may not know that their pet may be suffering silently from dental disease. "Animals hide that pain so well. They don't ever complain. They don't ever not eat

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    Tooth trouble — it's not something you want for your dog. But what can you do to prevent it? Dogs can suffer from a variety of dental problems at their different life stages. By keeping an eye on your dog's teeth, you can head some of these problems

  • 8-month-old baby attacked, killed by family dog in Maryland

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    “Any dog with teeth can bite,” the chief says. “The best prevention is monitor your animal. Make sure when it's around your child, that you're supervising, especially if it's a young child.” Evans says the last fatal dog incident in the county was in

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