Dog Eye Contacts

Gremlin the dog gets contact lenses

Video credit: Gremlin https://www.

My Creepy Halloween Contacts! (Review& Dog stares)

Check out my review of these awesome contacts and also enjoy being stared at by my awkward dog :) Contacts: .

Dog has contacts in

Dogs eyes are on fire.

Nearly Blind Dog Gets Her Spunk Back After Getting Contact Lenses

These dog owners will do anything to help one of their pets.

Woman has 27 contact lenses removed from her eye; Schoolboy Q’s dog sent to wrong city - 07/17/2017

A UK woman who went in for what was supposed to be a simple surgery, instead had a stack of contacts retrieved from her eye, in a bizarre medical case .

6/52 Weeks of Baxter
Finally looking at me! Of course, it is with a suspicious eye, but still it is nice to get eye contact six weeks in.
Photo by Au Kirk on Flickr
fuji x70 fujifilm paris dog streetphotography street
eye's contact
Paris 2017
Photo by kimdokhac on Flickr
Eye contact
via my Instagram (toddg),
Photo by lizasperling on Flickr


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