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Double Walled Dog Bowl

My first double walled piece is this simple dog bowl with the name cut out of the rim.

Ceramic Pet Bowls Imprinted with Dye Sublimation -

Condé's Brittany Anderson demonstrates the procedure for applying dye sublimation transfers to Ceramic Pet Bowls.

Learn How To Choose The Best Dog Bowl

learn why it is important to your dog to select the right kind, whether it is a plastic dog bowl, metal dog bowl,.

How-to make a dog bowl- Pottery

This is recorded in Rostocks Keramik workshop.

How to print on sublimation ceramic bowl from BestSub EU

They can be use as soup or salad bowls ar as a cat or dog bowl.

Terracotta oil lamp depicting Actaeon being torn apart by his own dog, 1st century AD, Staatliche Antikensammlungen, Munich
Actaeon in Greek mythology, son of the priestly herdsman Aristaeus and Autonoe in Boeotia, was a famous Theban hero. Like Achilles in a later generation, he was trained by the centaur Chiron. He fell to the fatal...
Photo by Following Hadrian on Flickr
Pottery 6.2.2010
From Left to Right #3 Pot (Blue), #1 Pot (Multicolored), #3rd Pot (Green). Dog/Cat Food Bowls, Ash Trays or works of art you decide.
Photo by drsmith7383 on Flickr
squaredcircle squircle
Blue and white plate with Coat of Arms dog supporters and lions Louvre
Photo by Mark Morgan Trinidad B on Flickr


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Bowls & Feeders - Lucy The Wonder Dog

Our ceramic bowls from Melia Luxury Pet Products are each unique, one-of-a-kind hand-made artistic creations. They're sturdy, double-glazed and dish washer safe.

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